Your Quick Guide on Diamond Ring Shopping

We understand that buying a diamond engagement ring can at first appear daunting. To help you get started we have put together a 60 seconds guide for first time buyers.

The steps below will guide you in getting the best value and quality when shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

Step 1 – Set Your Price Point

This is vitally important to ensure we can make valid suggestions when showing you diamonds and rings. Set your budget realistically and talk to a designer to help you stay within it.

Step 2 - Choose an Excellent Cut

The most important of the 4 Cs, cut is the life of the diamond and the best cut ones have an unrivalled sparkle and brilliance. An Excellent cut diamond is the minimum I would recommend. This diamond would also have an excellent polish and symmetry giving it maximum fire and brilliance which means that it reflects almost all of the light that enters it. 

Step 3 – Find The Best Value Diamond For Your Price Point

Rare Pink recommends D-H coloured diamonds, although my personal suggestion is a G colour due to these diamonds being both colourless and great value. Platinum and white gold rings are complimented well by colourless diamonds, while rose and yellow gold rings look great set with diamonds with any colour. Rare Pink recommends a clarity between IF and VS2, and my personal suggestion is a VS1 or VS2 grade, showing few and small natural imperfections that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Step 4 – Find a Carat Weight That's Right For You

When considering carat weight, the above parameters should be finalised first and then a carat weight chosen to match your price point. Ask yourself what matters to you and your partner? The size of the diamond, or its sparkle, colour and clarity? Depending on your preferences, feel free to tweak the mix of the 4Cs mentioned above as you please. Remember, my colleagues and I are here to guide you should you need us.

Step 5 – Choose the perfect ring setting

The last step in creating the perfect diamond engagement ring is deciding the setting that she (you) will love and be happy to wear forever. Think about her sense of style, her fingers and hand size, the types of other jewellery she wears and whether you think she would prefer something simple or extravagant; plain or colourful. We would love to advise you, if you need our assistance. Just call us, schedule a consultation or start a chat. Good luck!