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  • Faultless!

    star star star star star
    January /13/2016

    When buying an engagement ring recently I wasn't 100% sure of what i was looking for and was slightly skeptical about making such an important purchase online. However I couldn't recommend Rare Pink highly enough. I found the layout of the website very clear, professional and simpl...

    Aaron W.
  • Stunning ring, Fantastic company.

    star star star star star
    December /10/2015

    Like most Gents, I went into ring buying process knowing very little about rings, never mind diamonds. After plenty of research mainly on the internet I came across Rare pink. The website was very easy to use and allowed me pick the perfect ring for my girlfriend... now fiance! Alth...

    Brian B.
  • What a great company!!

    star star star star star
    April /19/2014

    I was very apprehensive about purchasing something of such importnace online but Nikolay and his team were outstanding! I like having choices and options and from our first emails Nikolay had provided me with enough of both. He stuck to my budget while making an incredible ring. My fia...

    Stephen Bezuidenhout
  • Why would you go elsewhere?

    star star star star star
    March /21/2014

    An engagement ring is a highly personal purchase, I cannot imagine going to an impersonal shop to choose from a selection that has been designed by someone who does not know me or my partner and then asking her to wear a ring that is as unique as a designer dress. For the same price (o...

    Oliver Codrington
  • Beautiful, Trusting, Kind, AMAZING

    star star star star star
    March /04/2014

    My boyfriend (now fiance!) is the type of guy that doesn't know anything about diamonds or jewelry so he allowed me the task of designing/choosing what I wanted for myself. YES! After countless hours of searching sites, stores, and customizing various rings, I was at a loss. We wer...


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star star star star star
October /03/2016

They make a daunting process very easy!

I had a very pleasant experience dealing with Emma and Kate. I had done my research beforehand but they helped answer all my questions and couldn't do enough for me to make sure I got the ring that I wanted at the best possible price.

They make the experience very personal, especially compared to...

star star star star star
September /06/2016

Wedding bands

Customer service 10/10
Quality of the product 10/10
Delivery time 7/10

In general everything went smoothly, Rare Pink is very professional and reliable.

I couldn't be any happier with my purchase.

star star star star star
September /05/2016

Happy with every aspect of the purchase

Great service, quality product and purchasing process. Not sure why anyone would buy engagement rings over priced retail stores anymore.

star star star star star
August /09/2016

An amazing experience not to be missed!!!!!

I cannot put in to words how impressed I was with the service! From start to finish, I was treated with the utmost priority, almost being made to feel like a celebrity at times, and never felt at any stage during the process like I was being rushed in to making a decision.

Their Customer Services...

Christopher D.
star star star star star
July /25/2016

Outstanding journey with Rare Pink

Great experience throughout my engagement ring buying journey with Rare Pink. CEO personally talked to me to understand my needs.

star star star star star
June /21/2016

Thanks Jason!!

I wanted to thank you and Rare Pink so much for making the perfect ring! It is absolutely gorgeous and the diamond is certainly stunning. Not only do I love it, but my fiancé adores it as well. We couldn't have asked for a better ring. It completely exceeded my expectations.

I will certainly ref...