Frequently Asked Questions

About Rare Pink

What makes Rare Pink unique compared to other jewellers?

We are unique in the way we inspire our customers to get involved in the design process. Our bespoke design service empowers you to create an engagement ring that is far more sentimental than an off-the-shelf piece.

Our individual shopping experience is a combination of exceptional and expert service coupled with a high quality and deeply personal creation.

We do not sell a product, but rather an entire experience. Creating something beautiful and unique requires your input just as much as it requires our diamonds and craftsmanship.

Bespoke Ring Drawing Designs

Where is Rare Pink located?

Our HQ is based in central London, located on Frederick's Place next to Bank Station. We invite you to visit us for a face-to-face consultation, or if you are overseas or unable to visit London we are able to discuss your requirements over phone, email, skype or even WhatsApp. Arrange your consultation now.

Can I buy from you if I live outside of the US or UK?

Of course, we proudly ship worldwide, free of charge. If you are outside of the USA, UK, Europe or Hong Kong, additional duties may apply. We will confirm these with you before shipping.

Shopping with Rare Pink

How does the bespoke service work?

Our bespoke design service is what makes Rare Pink unique.

Beginning with a personal consultation, in person or virtually, we will discuss your ideas and preferences, your price point, the date you need your ring by and more.

Within a few days we will present you with 3D images of your design and attach a quotation for you to review. Your complimentary design includes up to three modifications and one render, after which you will be requested to pay a design fee. An engagement ring design fee is £350 + VAT or $450 and a wedding band design fee is £200 + VAT or $300.

We will then advise you on choosing the right diamond or gemstone with as little or as much guidance as you need.

Once your design is finalised and your diamond and/or gemstone is selected, we ask that you place your order so production can begin.

Production takes 4 weeks and we can deliver your ring or keep it at our office for collection.

Can I upgrade my diamond in the future?

We offer a range of options for upgrading your diamond and give a credit for the original diamond purchased. Please note that changes in the sizes of your diamond may require an adjustment to the ring setting or a full remake and additional fees may apply. Please contact your sales consultant for a personalised quote.

Of course! To ensure that your proposal goes to plan, we are happy to contact you discreetly and can arrange for rings to be delivered to an alternate address or picked up from our offices. However, to avoid the risk of fraudulent transactions being made, we ask that you register the alternative address with your credit card provider prior to making a purchase. To begin speaking with your dedicated consultant click here.

How can I purchase one of your rings?

We offer you two ways to purchase your rings. You can shop for a classic engagement ring by choosing a diamond and ring design from our collection of timeless designs. Once you have browsed our products online, add the items to your cart and follow the directions to complete your order. If you need guidance along the way, you can get in touch via chat, phone or email and we'll be happy to assist.

Alternatively, you can create a bespoke ring by speaking with one of our designers who will work with you to create that one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Can I add an engraving to my ring?

Yes, our complimentary engraving inside the band is done by hand. If you would like additional engravings done to add detail to other parts of the ring, let us know and we will include this in your quote. If an engraved ring has to be re-sized and then re-engraved, a nominal fee of £30 will apply for the second engraving. For help in learning the correct ring size you can order a ring sizer, download a printable guide or contact one of our consultants for advice - [email protected]

Engagement ring engraving

Can I view a loose diamond before it's set in a ring?

We want you to be 100% happy with your design. If you would like to view a loose diamond before it is set in the ring, we will be more than happy to arrange it for you, speak with us here.

Can I see my engagement ring before purchasing it?

Yes, for customers in the UK, we can now send you an identical sample of your bespoke ring made in sterling silver. The price for a bespoke sterling silver sample ranges between £90 - £200, depending on the complexity of the design, and takes up to 2 weeks to create.

To receive a replica of one of our collection rings sent to you in the post, we ask for a refundable £90 deposit, paid in advance, which is refunded once you return it to us. You can pay the £90 sample ring fee here.

Silver Cast solitaire

We also offer a wax sample, which is a delicate wax replica of your design which costs £75 and takes around 4 working days to create.

You can pay the £75 wax replica fee here.

Silver Cast solitaire


How quickly can you create and deliver a custom piece?

Most designs take between 2-5 days to complete. Once you have approved the final design, we will create and deliver your custom-designed ring within 4 weeks. The exact time frame will be confirmed with you once we know more about your requirements and the complexity of your design. To start designing your custom engagement ring click here.

Do you offer a rush order service?

Yes – for most designs, we can provide a rush order service which will guarantee you receive your ring within 12 working days. This service varies in price depending on the style of your ring:

For collection designs the rush service costs between £120 - £420 for orders being shipped in the UK and $125 - $425 excluding taxes and duties for US and all other countries. Custom designs can be quoted on request.

You must contact [email protected] or 0203 126 4915 / (646) 712 9358 to discuss whether your order can be crafted with our rush order service.

Are there any limits to what you can design and create?

We can design and create almost anything - we may sometimes make suggestions on how to ensure your ring stands the test of time and where our production team have specific requirements. Just let us know your ideas and we can create your complimentary design within a few days.

Can you find me any colour and size diamond or gemstone?

Yes! With access to over 100,000 diamonds and tens of thousands of gemstones, we can find almost anything you require.

Can I use my own diamond or coloured gemstone?

Yes! If you have inherited, purchased or received your diamonds or gemstones elsewhere, we can still create your custom ring. Our policy for any diamonds or gemstones you provide us are as follows:

Can I remove or swap the pink sapphire for another gemstone or diamond?

All of our rings come with a complimentary pink sapphire set inside the band. Yes, we can remove the sapphire altogether or we can set other types of gemstone instead of the pink sapphire. This will incur an additional charge of £25. The options available are: emerald (green), ruby (red), yellow sapphire or blue sapphire.

You can pay the £25 gemstone-change fee here.

If you would like the pink sapphire to be upgraded to a pink diamond, this will cost an additional amount of £250.

Sapphire Ring

Which metals do Rare Pink recommend?

We work with 18ct white, yellow and rose gold and 950 platinum. While all our metals are stunning, for a white ring, we recommend platinum due to its endurance and natural white colour. Our white gold has a high palladium content to ensure it has an enduring white finish, but even so it will need to be re-plated every 12 months or so (depending on wear). All our rings are hallmarked with the English Assay office for an additional stamp of quality. They are all nickel-free and ethically sourced.
We do not work with palladium, black gold, titanium or tungsten due to their poor maintenance and/or low quality.

How are the rings packaged?

Our packaging perfectly compliments your bespoke ring. A delicate leather presentation box is sent to you within a large box to ensure your ring is kept safe and in perfect condition. We also provide a small ring bag which allows the ring to be kept at hand during a proposal. View the packaging here.

The Rare Pink Packaging

Diamonds & Gemstones

Where do your diamonds come from?

We source diamonds globally from diamond manufacturers that comply with the United Nations Kimberley Process in order to affirm all of our diamonds are ethically sourced. Read more on our conflict-free diamonds policy.

What are the 4Cs?

The 4Cs represent the four main characteristics of diamonds that are most commonly used to grade and categorise them. They include: cut, colour, carat, and clarity. For more information, please visit our "Choosing your Perfect Diamond" page.

How can I be sure I am receiving the actual diamond I have paid for?

Each of our diamonds come with a unique GIA grading report that is only associated with the diamond you have purchased. Should you take this diamond to any jeweller, weigh it or examine it using a 10x magnifying loupe, you will see that the characteristics listed in the report correspond precisely to those of the actual diamond.

As an additional measure, your diamond is laser engraved with its unique GIA code that corresponds to your GIA grading report.

What types of gemstones and diamonds do you offer?

For longevity purposes we only recommend diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire gemstones for our engagement rings.

We offer a range of coloured diamonds. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the prices and availability of any specific kind of gemstone or diamond.

Finance Options

What finance options do you offer?

We offer a range of finance options for our UK customers with an order value over £1,500. See our payment options to view our available finance packages.

Am I eligible for your finance options?

Applying for an instalment plan is similar to applying for a new credit card. The details you provide are checked against public registers, such as credit-rating agencies. To increase the chances of acceptance, ideally, you will have a good credit history – (no late payments, CCJ’s, etc) – and meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be working at least 16 hours per week
  • Have 3 years of UK address history

Promotional offer codes cannot be used in conjunction with our credit finance options.

Further Questions?

Feel free to give us a ring on 0203 126 4915 or send us an email on [email protected], and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

About Divido

Divido Financial Services Limited (‘Divido’) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For more information, please visit:

Payments and Prices

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment methods during checkout:

  • VISA debit and VISA credit cards
  • Mastercard and Maestro
  • American Express
  • Bank wire transfer

We also now offer a range of finance options including 6 months interest-free credit. Contact [email protected] for further information. Please note that any discounts are not applicable when a purchase is made through finance.

Can I pay by installments?

We offer a range of finance options including 6 months interest-free credit. Contact [email protected] or visit our payment options page for further information. Please note that any discounts are not applicable when a purchase is made through finance.

Do your prices change often and how long are quotes valid for?

Our prices are updated monthly to reflect changes in metal and diamond prices.

Any quote sent to you by a Rare Pink consultant is valid for 14 days.

What is the "starting from" price for custom designed pieces?

Our "starting from" prices vary depending on your location:

  • USA: From $2,000
  • UK: From £1,500
  • South Africa: from R30,000
  • Europe: from €2,500
  • Hong Kong: from $HK 20,000
  • New Zealand: from $NZ 3,000
  • Rest of World: from $US 3,000

Our collection range of engagement rings start from around £700/$1,000. You can browse the engagement ring collection here.

Engagement & wedding rings amongst flowers

Can I use more than one promotional offer?

Promotional offer codes cannot be used in conjunction with our credit financing, diamond price match policy or any other offers.

Ring Sizes

How do I measure my ring size?

Discover how to find out or measure a ring size by taking a look at our ring size guide. You may also speak with a consultant who will help you understand ring sizes.

What if I need the ring resized because I did not get it right the first time round?

We offer one free ring size with every purchase. Shipping and insurance back to us will need to be covered by you, but we ship it back to you free of charge. Please note that if the ring size change is over 2 sizes bigger or smaller there may be a fee that needs to be paid for the service as the ring may have to be re-made.

What if I don't know the ring size?

Knowing your partner's exact ring size is very rare. If asking them out-right isn't an option we have numerous ways to find out by following the suggestions from our ring size guide. Our ring size guide should provide you with an idea as you must have a rough estimate before you place your order. You must have a ring size before you place your order.

Contact a member of our team to find out more.

What if I require a second re-sizing?

This is possible at a fee of £30 and if there is an engraving, re-engraving will cost an additional £30 on top of that.

To request a second re-sizing, please pay the £30 re-sizing fee here.

To also get your engraving re-done, please pay the £30 re-engraving fee here.

Returns, Shipping, Taxes & Cancellations

Do you ship internationally?

Of course, we proudly ship worldwide, free of charge.

How will the parcel be delivered?

All shipped orders are fully insured and tracked using FedEx for international orders, and Royal Mail Special Delivery for UK orders. The parcel will not feature any Rare Pink branding, so there's no need to worry about the delivery giving away your big surprise.

Will the delivery be insured?

All shipped orders are fully insured and tracked using FedEx for international orders, and Royal Mail special delivery for UK orders.

Can you ship to an alternative address?

If you are unavailable to sign for your order, Rare Pink can ship your order to any other convenient location. However, extra security precautions will be carried out to protect our customers against fraud. When processing your payment, we may not be able to accept delivery to an address that is not on file with your credit card provider or bank.

In such a case we can ship to your local FedEx depot. You may be asked to confirm your identity by uploading a photo/scan of an ID document or passport.

How long will the delivery take, not inclusive of design and production?

Delivery takes 1-2 weekdays as we use priority and guaranteed service. However, customs may affect your final delivery times.

What is your return policy?

We offer customers the opportunity to return their product within 30 days of their order being delivered.

Should you decide to return your collection or bespoke item, we will issue you a refund, unless you have been notified otherwise by your consultant prior to your purchase. This is providing it is returned no later than 30 days after the delivery date, in its unworn and original condition without any damage and with all accompanying documents and materials. Please note that the return of items with diamonds or gemstones over the value of £10,000 is subject to approval.

While we do offer all clients free shipping when delivering your order, we kindly ask you to cover the shipping charge when returning to us.


What if I want to return my order and I cannot find the certificate or appraisal?

The grading certificate(s) must be returned together with the appraisal and the diamond(s) ordered. A £100/$150 per carat fee (with a minimum charge of £66/$100) will be charged to replace lost certificates.

Can I claim back VAT?

If you are a non-EU resident and you are able to visit us in our London office, you will be able to claim back the VAT upon leaving the country. For full details on the VATE Export Scheme, please contact us

Aftercare & Insurance

Do you offer aftercare services?

We offer 6 months complimentary aftercare with every ring order. You are welcome to stay subscribed to our aftercare program after the first 6 months for an annual fee of £29/year. This package includes:

  • One free re-sizing during period of cover - Your finger size will change over the years and we will be happy to do a free re-sizing.
  • One free polish and clean during period of cover - Over time your ring will show some wear and we will be happy for you to come in (or send your ring in) for a clean and polish.
  • Free repair - Sometimes small knocks to your ring will lead to damage. Your aftercare package covers minor repairs such as re-setting a small stone or repairing a damaged claw. Other repairs are chargeable at our discretion.
You can pay the £29 annual aftercare fee here.

What insurance policies do you recommend?

For our UK customers, we will include information about insuring your ring with your delivery. Insurance costs start from as little as £50 a year, and we highly recommend the company T.H.March , who are diamond jewellery insurance specialists. Receive a complimentary insurance quote here. An insurance appraisal may be needed and we will be happy to provide one. Contact our team for information.

For our US customers, we have an alternative insurance provider - please contact us to find out more.