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  • A bespoke ring to celebrate the 2016 Olympic Games

    rio olympics 2016 ring

    To celebrate this year’s Rio Olympics, we were inspired to create a ring as colourful and vibrant as the country that will host the 2016 Olympic Games. With a record number of countries participating in a record number of sports, our ring design needed to match the enormity of these iconic games. Rebecca SmythEnglish and […]

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  • Build your own ring, your own way

    There are few things as empowering as the choice to dress yourself every day and sometimes we take this for granted. I still remember my mother’s 90s fashion experimentations on me—needless to say, I’m still in therapy. (Just kidding mom!) As we’ve just witnessed in London Fashion Week 2016, trends are being inspired by the […]

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  • We Introduce You To “Stormtrooper”

    With the upcoming release of Star Wars Series VII: The Force Awakens, we’d like to introduce you to “Stormtrooper”. A 1.95ct elongated cushion cut onyx set in platinum and adorned with an array of black and white diamonds creating a striking Stormtrooper inspired ring. Totalling 38 diamonds to represent the 38 years since the first movie was released, […]