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  • Our diamond picks of the week 2

    asscher cut diamond

    This is the second of our weekly diamond picks of the week blog post. In each post we share some of the diamonds we have recently set into our custom engagement rings or just those that we’ve come across that we think are interesting and beautiful. NikolayCEO at Rare Pink. Passionate about custom design, innovation […]

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  • Our diamond picks of the week 1

    round brilliant diamond

    To be a truly custom-made engagement ring brand, we’ve had to find every kind of diamond shape, colour and size. Each ring is crafted to precisely match the dimensions of the centre diamond you choose. So we thought we’d share with you a selection of some of the diamonds we currently have available to inspire […]

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  • How Big Is A One Carat Diamond Ring?

    official one carat diamond blog photo

    Carat weight originated from the ancient Mediterranean where civilians would trade diamonds based on the weight of the Carob seeds from the Carob tree. These days, carat weight is a universal measurement that is recognised around the world in reference to diamonds. Diamond carat weight refers to the weight of a diamond, not its size. […]