What is Carat and Why is it Important? 

What does carat weight actually mean        when you are shopping for your                                diamond engagement ring?

The belief that higher carat weight       equals more valuable is not uncommon           but is often unfounded. There are                 many elements that contribute to a     diamond’s value, not just the diamond's size. 

What is Carat Exactly?

Diamond carat is the weight, not the size of the diamond and one carat equals roughly 0.2 grams. Think of a carat in terms of 100 points and you then have very precise measurements of carat up to the hundredth decimal place. For example, a diamond weighing 0.25 carats is a twenty-five point stone.

Is Heavier Better?

Usually, although not always, the higher a diamond carat the more valuable it is, but consider the carat, cut, clarity and colour of a diamond in conjunction with one another and it is clear that each significantly influences a diamond's value. 

When you begin the journey of choosing your diamond you should always ask yourself? “For my price point, would I prefer a larger carat weight that may have lower grade of cut, colour and clarity, or would I prefer an overall well balanced diamond?”

I would suggest the decision on the carat weight of your diamond is left to last. After selecting the right colour, clarity and cut that match your preferences and standards, you will be able to clearly see what range of carat weights fall within your price point. At this point, if you feel you would like to get a larger diamond, you may want to gradually reduce each of the other grades to allow for an increase in the carat weight, without increasing the price. Even so, I would suggest you do not go below a very good cut, H colour and VS2 clarity to ensure you have a fantastic looking diamond.

To Conclude…

So, greater carat weight is not necessarily best. The diamond has to be the perfect balance between the 4Cs to offer the ultimate in aesthetics, value and quality. When I join a couple on their quest for the perfect diamond engagement ring, I encourage less focus on carat and more on the harmonious impact the other aspects offer together.

I suggest you consider the cut, colour and clarity of your diamond first, and only then choose the carat weight that fits your price point.


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