Measuring Diamond Clarity

The majority of diamonds have natural birthmarks called inclusions. These may or may not be visible to the naked eye depending on how large, or how many inclusions there may be. To help you choose the right diamond for your engagement ring, we recommend VS2 and higher clarity grades.

Diamond Clarity is a Measurement of ‘Inclusions’

Clarity is defined by the number and size of the inclusions in a diamond. Similar to human birthmarks, diamonds develop natural inclusions while they are being formed, and these natural birthmarks make each diamond unique, you could say that inclusions are actually a solid proof of a diamond’s authenticity.

A perfect diamond, one which is completely clear of any imperfections or inclusions, is extremely rare, they are referred to as flawless and carry a substantial premium due to their rarity.

Grading System of Diamond Clarity


Inclusions in a lower grade diamond affect its brilliance and desirability. For those with inclusions that are also visible to the naked eye, this will further reduce their value.

Grading diamond clarity involves considering the number, size, colour, reflectivity and position of every flaw under 10x magnification. We do not usually recommend diamonds with a clarity grade of SI1 or lower because there are visible inclusions to the naked eye. However, you can get good quality SI1 graded diamonds, but you should always consult an expert before purchasing a diamond of this grade.

The grades span from flawless (FL) to very, very slight inclusions to slight inclusions and inclusions, depending on the number, type, position and size of the inclusions detected.

Which Grade Should You Choose?

To ensure that every one of our diamonds for our engagement rings look beautiful and clean of inclusions to the naked eye, Rare Pink experts recommend only diamonds with clarity of VS2 and above.

As an additional note, some of our clients find something remarkable about the rarity of an internally flawless diamond. To still stay within their price point, they prefer to choose a diamond with a lower carat weight and an exceptional clarity grade.

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