Understanding the Colour Quality of  White Diamonds

When choosing a white diamond, talking about colour can be a little confusing. White diamonds can be graded from D (colourless) to Z (light). I would always recommend H grade and above, as below that, you will start to see a visible colour tint to the stone.  Here is more about the grading system before deciding what colour is best for you.

Colour in a White Diamond

A perfect white diamond is considered one without colour. Desirable and valuable, a colourless diamond is deemed very rare and valuable.

For the best balance between value for money and prime quality. The colour grading scale created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is used to determine the colour of every diamond. We only use GIA graded diamonds in our diamond engagement rings, and each come with a certificate stating it’s colour grade, as well as covering all the 4C's.

How is a Diamond’s Colour Graded?


Not all white diamonds are alike, in fact white diamonds come in many colours which range from the more desirable colourless to lower colour grades which have a yellow tinge. 

Colour grading follows the GIA international grading standards. Diamond colour range on the D-Z scale where the grades D to F are considered the top grades (colourless). These stones have minor evidence of diamond colour that can only be detected by an expert eye.

G-H grades are near colourless and are the best compromise when aiming for the best value for money. I personally recommend a G colour which very close to a colourless diamond, while providing a substantial value advantage over colours D and E.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

You may at this point be wondering, "what if I want something that has some colour?". While not listed on our diamond search, Rare Pink (as our name suggests), has relationships with some of the world's most exclusive fancy coloured diamond suppliers. Rare pink, blue, green and yellow diamonds can be requested from myself or one of my colleagues. We will be able to send you videos and photos. Contact us if you would like to find out more about anything relating to coloured diamonds or if you have any questions about our colourless range.


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