Choosing the Cut for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

When choosing from a variety of diamond engagement rings, the diamond cut is one of the most important aspects to consider. I am sometimes asked, what is the most important factor behind a stunning diamond engagement ring? Well, the answer I most often give, is choosing an excellent diamond cut. 

A round-brilliant diamond’s cut is measured using the GIA’s international grading system in which cut grades range from Excellent to Poor. At Rare Pink, we only recommend very good and excellent cut grades because they guarantee a lovely sparkle and shine which lower grades may not be able to deliver.



What Does a Well Cut Diamond Look Like?

Beauty, sparkle and final value of any diamond are determined by its cut: a great place to start when shopping for a diamond engagement ring. The cut will affect the appearance of your stone in three ways:

  • Brilliance: this is the brightness created by the combination of the white light’s reflections inside and on the surface of the stone.
  • Fire: the spread of light into all of the colours of the visible spectrum.
  • Scintillation: the flashes of light and dark, and the sparkle a diamond emits when the light is moved.

So, how can you assess whether your diamond will have the maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation?

Facet Cutting

Cut quality can vary greatly. As a designer of diamond engagement rings, I always recommend Excellent cut grade diamonds. When designing rings I want maximum light return from the stone, and the proportions of facet cutting is vital to achieve that. Too shallow or deep a cut causes light leakage meaning less sparkle.


Producing a stunning diamond cut is to create near perfect symmetry that allows light to bounce from one facet to another, as if they are mirror images of each other. Again for diamond engagement rings, a Very Good or Excellent graded stone is the only one I would suggest.


A carefully polished diamond is not complete without its polish, which emphasises the smoothness of the surface area of the diamond. A poor polish creates a dull surface area and minimum sparkle. 

Let us help you learn more about diamonds, exploring the many aspects that lead to one having the best sparkle and brilliance. I'd be happy to let know more in a consultation, over the phone or in a chat session online.


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