Always Insist on Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Mining

Rough Diamonds

While they are sourced across the world from Australia to Russia, the majority of diamonds are mined in Africa. Ethically run, this industry provides health care and infrastructure to communities in mining areas. In the wrong hands, diamond mining has been used to back wars and illegitimate governments where working conditions are unacceptable, and the money earned is used for unethical purposes. This is something at Rare Pink we are fully against and we have taken measures to ensure all our diamonds are ethically sourced. See below for the full details of our conflcit-free policy.

The Kimberley Process

We are fully committed to ethical diamonds and have a zero-tolerance policy for all our diamond engagement rings. The Kimberley Process tracks diamonds from mine-to-market and is in partnership with the United Nations and other non-governmental organisations. Its sole aim is to prevent the trade of conflict stones, in favour of ethical diamonds.

How Can We Be Sure?

At Rare Pink, we only source diamonds that are guaranteed to be conflict-free. US and UK customs actively enforce the Kimberley Process requirements as diamonds are transported.

Rare Pink is a proud member of the campaign for ethical jewellery and the campaign to stop blood diamonds.

The Campaign for Ethical Jewellery

Stop Blood Diamonds





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