The Cushion Cut Diamond

If you are looking for something different to the round diamond cut but which is still full of life and sparkle the cushion cut diamond engagement ring could be the answer. This well balanced diamond combines traditional elegance with modern glamour.

What Exactly is the Cushion Cut?

Cushion DiamondIt may be surprising to discover that this cut is actually a classic shape that has only recently resurfaced as one of the most popular diamond shapes. This shape has a very different appearance to the asscher and emerald cut as it has shorter facets resulting in more brilliance and fire. 

The Beauty of the Cushion Cut

This diamond shape can be square or rectangular and have a modern or antique look depending on their facet patterns. They offer a huge range of choice and consequently are now among the most popular diamond shapes. 

Buying Guidelines

The length to width ratio which you can find on the certificate will give you an idea of how long or square the diamond is:

  • A ratio of 1.00 offers the perfect square ideal for halo settings. 
  • 1.1 offers a well balanced, beautiful diamond which can be used in almost all jewellery. 
  • For a more rectangular shape which may be set along the length of the finger look for a ratio of 1.15 to a maximum of 1.35.

Choosing the Distinctive Cushion Cut

The cushion cut offers the most fire and brilliance outside of the round cut and is a very popular choice for classic elegance with a modern twist.


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