The Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut is an elegant shape which was originally created for emeralds, hence the name. In the 14th century it became a popular shape for diamonds due to its subtle and calming appearance. Its long facets and large table are the window into its timeless beauty. It is ideal for a classic diamond engagement ring.

The Classic Emerald Cut

Emerald Diamond

Many people who are looking for a unique diamond cut are often drawn to the emerald cut diamond. While the round diamond cut has many scintillating facets, the emerald cut diamond has longer lines and fewer facets. The unique, large, stepped facets act like mirrors creating a peaceful appearance, inviting you to gaze in.

To really show off the beauty of an emerald cut diamond it is best to match it with a subtle ring.  A solitaire is a great way to match the calmness of the emerald cut, or also popular is a trilogy setting with two smaller emerald cut diamonds on either side. 

Clarity Is Most Important in Emerald Cut

Due to the openness of the emerald cut and its large facets there is no place for inclusions to hide.  This is why with an emerald cut it is very important that a high clarity grade is chosen. I would recommend VS1 or better.  

As carat refers to the weight of the diamond, it is important to compare the measurements of different emerald cut diamonds when choosing.  In some emerald cut diamonds the weight is held in the bottom of the diamond making it appear smaller when face up.  A diamond with a longer length and width rather than depth will appear larger when set in your ring.

Quick Summary of Emerald Diamond Cuts

They link the past to the present in their style and beauty and reflect art deco inspired elements that set them apart from all the rest. Defying the traditional they are a fabulous choice for the alternative, stylish lady, as well as being great value for money.

Remember to pay attention to quality. Give your diamond the best chance of maximising its beauty by comparing the measurements and choosing a diamond with a high clarity grade.


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