The Round Diamond - The Most Popular of Diamond Shapes

Round Diamond


The round diamond boasts the largest proportion of diamond sales and also represents the collective talents of generations of skilled diamond cutters. It has stood the test of time, defied fashion and relied instead on its quality, stunning beauty, and incredible sparkle.


Why Round is So Popular?

The round diamond has a reputation for sparkle and is perfect for engagement rings. Its 58 facets, more than any other diamond shape, maximize the life of the diamond, brightness and fire. This does come at a price. Round diamonds carry the highest premium of diamond shapes because their demand is high and yield is low. During cutting, the round diamond produces more waste than any other shape, and consequently costs more. 

A Cut Grade is Only Given to Round Shaped Diamonds

Many people believe that the cut of a diamond refers to its shape, when in fact it refers to the diamond's proportions and in particular how the facets interact with light. 
The ‘cut’ grade takes into consideration the craftsmanship of a round diamond and the higher cut grades are awarded to diamonds with more sparkle. It is measured based on the diamonds proportions which affect how light is reflected within the diamond. Sparkle is a combination of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Brilliance is white flashes of light that reflect from the facets when the diamond is face up. Fire is flashes of colour that are seen when the diamond is moved. Scintillation, how the light moves within the diamond. To ensure your diamond is full of sparkle, Rare Pink recommend only cut grades of Excellent and Very Good.

Quick ‘Round’ Up

To sum up, the round diamond is the most versatile of all diamond shapes in terms of style and value. This popular diamond shape guarantees sparkle when a Very Good or Excellent cut grade is chosen.


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