The Halo Ring Setting: Glamour that Fits Your Price Point

The halo style is the one for all of you wanting to design your own engagement ring, get maximum sparkle combined with an impressive overall look, and achieve all of this within a more modest price point.

What is the Halo Engagement Ring?

In a nutshell this style features a ‘halo’ of diamonds surrounding a centre diamond. The aim is to emphasize the central stone so that sparkle, beauty and visual impact are accentuated.

Some halo styles have the halo set flush to the centre diamond while others have a gap between the halo and centre diamond. This is something we can discuss if you decide to design your own halo engagement ring.

Plus Points 

There is no doubt that these beautiful pieces offer fabulous sparkle, and if you are looking to design your own engagement ring but want to match a lower price point then you can have a smaller central stone whose potential sparkle is cleverly enhanced by the ring of surrounding smaller stones.

Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Is There A Catch?

With this particular style there can be a higher risk of damage. Small stones can come loose if the ring is knocked so this beauty does need care. I wouldn’t recommend this style for the active lady whose daily work involves her hands.

For designers this style is more challenging to size, only because alterations after setting can upset the structure of the halo shape. It is best to be sure of the lady’s ring size from the beginning of the design process.

The Halo Engagement Ring in Short

If you want to design your own engagement ring with a halo style, you have made a great choice. This is a fabulous look that meets achievable price points but doesn’t compromise on overall sparkle.


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