The French Pavé Engagement Ring Setting

This is a beautiful style that suits ladies with a modern style, it packs a higher premium because of the extra work and additional diamonds but the wow factor makes it worth it.

Pavé  Explained

Named after the French word for paving stones, this style incorporates a centre stone with shoulders that are paved with small diamonds, set closely together. Each gem or diamond is separated and held in place by individual microscopic metal settings, and I think this gives the appearance of the shoulders being dusted with diamonds. Sometimes it even looks like the ring is made of diamonds as the metal is hidden away below.

Pavé rings are set with diamonds that are often very uniform in size and spacing and this is what I aim for when I manage one of these designs through the production process. The more precisely cut the diamonds, the better the ring setting. At Rare Pink, the diamonds we use to set into a pavé setting are a colour grade of G, and are a clarity grade of VS2 to ensure maximum sparkle.

The ring shank on this style has to be wider to accommodate all of the smaller diamonds and this produces a more substanial ring that many clients like.

The "Ins and Outs" of Pavé Engagement Rings

When choosing  your engagement ring, you have to be careful to choose a style that suits the lifestyle of the lady who will be wearing the ring. 

Pavé engagement rings require a fairly high level of care because of the amount of small diamonds that, despite being carefully placed in small holes on the ring shank, can come loose and need replacing.

Also to be considered is the price point. A pavé engagement ring can incur a higher price due to the amount of work required to set all of the small diamonds. It is often the amount of bench time to set the small diamonds, rather than the materials used that increases the price.

As a designer, I also point out to clients that the central diamond on a pavé engagement ring can actually appear smaller and a little outdone by all of the surrounding shoulder diamonds. Whether this is an issue for you depends on what you want when you design your own engagement ring. You should also bear in mind that a ring with this setting can be tricky to resize, so you need very precise measurements from the outset.

Pavé Points to Take Away

This style that can incur a higher price and needs care and attention but it is very fashionable and has an incredible wow factor.


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