The Classic Solitaire

Many designers, myself included, would suggest the solitaire engagement ring as a great place to start. Nothing says style and grace like this traditional style.

What is the Solitaire?

Definitely the king of engagement ring styles, this is a timeless, elegant and simple design.

In my mind the concept is perfect and it represents 70% of the engagement ring market. I design more solitaires than any other style.

I always recommend that the single diamond on a solitaire ring should be set on a thin and elegant band, even one as thin as 2mm. This accentuates the stone and makes it a real centerpiece. No chunky metal is needed to support the stone in this setting.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Unsure of Your Lady’s Preference?

If you want to design your own engagement ring but are unsure of what your fiancée would like, the solitaire is a great choice. It is also a good way to focus the bulk of your budget on the stone, allowing you to choose a bigger, better and more desirable diamond. You really can’t go wrong!

There’s more variety than you might imagine with a solitaire since it can be designed in a variety of styles such as the 4-claw setting, the 6-claw setting (known as the Tiffany setting), the rubover and even a pavé setting.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Another plus point for choosing the solitaire, if you want to design your own engagement ring, is that this versatile style is easy to match with wedding bands and doesn’t necessarily require a custom band to be made. 

What to Take into Account

If you are set on designing  your own engagement ring but the highest-grade diamond is beyond your price point, then perhaps the solitaire is not for you. Other styles offer maximum sparkle without having to rely as much on the diamond.

Summary Points

The solitaire is classic, practical and unmistakable as an engagement ring: a fantastic option for those unsure of what they or their partner really want.


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