What to Consider When Buying your Wedding Rings

One important consideration when buying a bespoke engagement ring is matching it with a wedding ring. I design wedding rings on a bespoke basis and I also have a range of bands at an ideal price point  that accommodate many specific tastes and needs. 

With or without diamonds?

At Rare Pink, we offer a range of wedding rings in our Classic Wedding Rings collection. Our collection includes beautiful pave and channel set diamond rings, as well as classic D-shape and knife edge rings. All rings are available in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold and Platinum.

Rare Pink Wedding Rings

When designing engagement rings for clients I often find myself involved in discussions about wedding bands. Here I outline some pointers to think about.

  • The metal of a wedding band should match that of the engagement ring.

  • The wedding band should be designed in a way that it can be worn as closely as possible to the engagement ring. A 0.5mm gap is perfectly acceptable as some designs won't allow the two rings to touch each other, this is typically seen on rings with very large diamonds or settings.

Obviously this is for aesthetic reasons and is a particular consideration if you have chosen a more substanial ring style, as you don’t want too much metal on the hand.

Wedding Rings

How About Buying Both Together?

I recommend focusing solely on the engagement ring and then concentrating on the wedding band at a later date. I don’t believe in designing the rings as a set since you may have some very different ideas of what you want several months down the line after receiving the engagement ring. However, for customers who are getting married in the near future, sometimes designing both together is a good option.

And Price…

Price points are an important factor but roughly they range from £300 for a gold band to £900 if it is set with diamonds. Platinum comes in at £500-800 for the band and around £1,200 for one set with diamonds.

I always advise against having diamonds set around the whole band, as the stones at the bottom of the ring can get damaged.

And Size?

A bandwidth of 2 or 2.5, with 3.5mm as a maximum is best for women. Somewhere between 4 and 6mm for men is ideal. Too slim and it can look effeminate on a man.

What Shape?

Traditional engagement ring designs can usually accommodate classic wedding bands nicely together, it is normal to find a small gap of 0.5 mm between both rings. However, traditional wedding bands are not often specifically designed to fit engagement rings that have curved bands or settings that are either too large or too low. 

I always remind my clients that a customised engagement ring design could require a customised wedding band so that the two rings sit well together and complement each other’s shape. 

Shapes for Men

For the man who wants more than a plain band, I would suggest a milgrain design that adds tiny detail and texture on the edge of the band. Or how about having the band engraved?

Some men choose to get a band with channel set diamonds to match their partner’s. If this is for you then I advise selecting a 6mm band which allows enough space for the channel setting of the diamonds.

Wedding bands have to be considered, but don’t rush. First, consider your engagement ring and then we can look at the next step, whether you buy bespoke or select from our collection of stunning ready-to-wear band designs.


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