Pink Coloured Diamonds: The Facts

Pink is strongly associated with femininity, romance and love, and so it never surprises me how many clients ask me about the possibility of designing a ring adorned with pink coloured diamonds. 

Pink Diamond Facts:

These are the youngest of all coloured diamonds at a mere 1.2 million years old!

Formed under pressure, they have a lattice structure that causes a rainbow effect of pinks, blues and reds. These colours are refracted to give the pink hue. 

90% are mined in Australia in the Argyle Mine and only 1% of all diamonds mined are pink.

The Value Of Pink Coloured Diamonds 

These are valuable stones and I never even consider suggesting one to clients until I have determined their price point. 

Many people underestimate the cost, which is not surprising until I explain to them the rarity and value of these precious diamonds. 

I always remind clients to remain flexible on carat, price, clarity, size and shape – it is essential for those who want pink diamonds to keep an open mind about these elements since the stone is so very rare.

In addition, the client will usually need to compromise on the complexity of the ring setting, since I would advise that the diamond will normally take up to 95% of the total budget.

Pink diamond


If you aren’t convinced about the scarcity then here are some mind blowing statistics from August 2014.

  • 107 fancy intense pink diamonds exist on the market worldwide: only 12 of these are suitable for engagement rings. 
  • 12 fancy vivid pink diamonds can be identified on the market: a mere 3 of these are suitable for engagement rings
  • 85 fancy deep pink diamonds can be found for sale: and of these you would only find 7 of them are suitable for engagement rings.

If you are considering a pink diamond, be aware that finding one is not easy in this niche market. I have spent weeks negotiating with suppliers and pink coloured diamonds, once bought, cannot be returned.

It’s a thorough process to purchase one of these diamonds and it can take time. Videos and images are sourced first so I can determine the quality and value before I consider the stone. Luckily I have a reliable network of suppliers that specialises in sourcing the rarest coloured diamonds in the world and can therefore offer my clients the best prices.

How To Set A Pink Diamond

I like to set pink coloured diamonds in rose gold claws on a platinum band. Rose gold brings out the colour of the pink diamond and the two look stunning together. 

Here at Rare Pink, we set a pink sapphire on the inside of every ring, that can be upgraded to a pink diamond for just £200. We want to make our rings even more special and this has become our unique trademark.

Take Away Pointers

Want to go pink? Be prepared to spend, be flexible and make sure you allow yourself plenty of time. 


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