The Beauty Of Yellow Coloured Diamonds

Yellow DiamondColoured diamonds come in so many colours and shades and one of my favourites is the yellow diamond.

Yellow Diamonds: The Facts

The nitrogen levels present in the stone produce the distinct yellow colour.

While clarity level is important, I believe that it is less so for yellow coloured diamonds. You can even go as far as a VS2-SI1 grade because the inclusions are not so visible.

Setting For Yellow Diamonds

Because of the colour, I always recommend setting on yellow gold, although platinum works too.

I love yellow coloured diamonds set in a white halo style. The halo enhances the yellow and gives a fabulous colour contrast.

Price Point Friendly

An excellent choice of stone, the yellow diamond is available at a much lower cost than the pink, mainly because it is far less scarce. There are 11,000 yellow diamonds worldwide that sit in the fancy light to fancy vivid range, giving you much more choice.

More choice means you can be more specific about your price, carat, clarity, size and shape for the centre diamond on your engagement ring.

Obviously, the more intense the colour the higher the cost, but in general these stones are an excellent choice for clients working with a lower price point who still want something that combines elements of both the unique and the classic.

Yellow diamond engagement ring

A Word Of Warning

Don’t get too carried away though. Be careful of overtones in yellow diamonds. We always approach the seller on your behalf to get as many images and as much information regarding dimensions and other elements that will help you make a purchase.

Take Away Summary

The yellow diamond makes a fabulous gemstone choice and is a great option for a range of price points. Add a touch of colour but don’t lose durability. Be careful though -  ask an expert before you purchase.


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