Investing In Coloured Diamonds

Clients that are seeking out coloured diamonds are doing so because they recognise the rarity of them and the associated prestige that comes with this its value and unique appeal.  

Introducing Coloured Diamonds

Usually very valuable because of their rarity, these stunning stones are a fantastic investment. Obviously scarcity results in a higher price tag but the investment is a sound one and value will increase quickly.

Remember that the colour of white diamonds, as discussed earlier are graded between D to Z and any diamond that has a colour grade beyond the Z grade is classed as fancy.

What Colours Are Available?

There are over 300 diamond colours that have been identified so far and all come in an infinite number of shades. The most popular colours for diamonds are pink, yellow, blue and green and the rarest is red. They all sit on a ‘fancy scale’ that ranges from fancy light, which is a simple hint of colour through from fancy dark, fancy intense and fancy vivid to fancy deep.

Yellow Diamond

The fancy deep diamonds are the most valuable due to their rarity.

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds vs Treated Coloured Diamonds

As the price for natural fancy coloured diamonds increases, the demand for a cheaper alternative has followed suit. There are many labs around the world that will take cheap brown diamonds of a low quality and treat them under high pressured temperatures which changes the colour of the diamond. There are also treatments to coat the stone with a stronger colour than it’s natural state. 

The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) test diamonds for a variety of artificial colour treatments. All details of colour enhanced diamonds must be disclosed to all involved in the sale of the diamond or it would be illegal.

At Rare Pink we do not deal with treated diamonds and stand by our guarantee that all of our diamonds are natural.

How Buying Fancy Diamonds Differs To Buying White Diamonds

Make sure you get a natural coloured diamond, not a treated coloured one.

Diamond colour is king. In fancy diamonds, colour is more important than cut.

Clarity is not everything. In white diamonds we only recommend ‘eye clean’ stones. Eye clean diamonds are diamonds that have no inclusions visible to the naked eye. This is not always the case with coloured diamonds, as its very unusual to find very rare coloured stones with low clarity grades that look amazing. Moreover, because of the scarcity of fancy diamonds, its even more rare to find high clarity grades.

How Much Will You Pay?

These stones are expensive: there is no denying that. Depending on availability of these rare stones a 0.73 carat fancy pink diamond would be on average:

  • Fancy Light: around £22,000 
  • Fancy Intense: around £43,000 
  • Fancy Vivid: around £65,000 

Remember though, fancy coloured diamonds are a smart investment with a steady year on year increase in value. Demand for coloured diamonds is continuously growing, however, supplies are falling. Fewer natural coloured diamonds are found every year and as a result prices are rising significantly.

Best Shapes For Fancy Diamonds?

I always suggest using the radiant or the cushion cut for fancy diamonds but the oval, heart, pear, and marquise work well too. 

Pink DiamondCutting coloured diamonds is different than cutting white diamonds. With coloured stones, we want to keep the light in to retain its intensity, and so we use deeper cuts as opposed to the shallower ones chosen to reflect the light of white diamonds.

For me, the halo style is the best for coloured diamonds because it offers that fabulous contrast in colour between the centre stone and a ring of white diamonds around it.



Take Away Pointers

A coloured diamond has a large price tag but is a great investment. Talk to us first before choosing one, as the stone needs expert consideration to determine its worth.


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