Primary Hues Of Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds

Main sources of fancy coloured diamonds


  • Colour variations: Blue, greyish blue, greenish blue, turquoise, aquamarine
  • Colour formation: The blue colour within diamonds is caused by the presence of boron atoms.  The higher the concentration of boron, the higher the intensity of colour.
  • Meaning: Often associated with sophistication and elegance, blue diamonds promote calmness and serenity, truth and purpose. Associated with holistic thought, blue brings us wisdom and enhances clarity of thought and self-expression. Blue diamonds are often given as a gift to represent faith in a relationship.


  • Colour variations: Champagne, lightly tinted brown, cognac, chocolate, hazel, honey, clove
  • Colour formation: The brown colour within diamonds is caused by internal parallel grain lines. The hue can be modified by structural distortions in the diamond lattice which affect its absorption of light.
  • Meaning: Often connected with the earth and nature, brown diamonds represent harmony and tradition. Brown diamonds fit in with all aspects of life and express a subtle elegance, whilst signalling harmony within a relationship.


  • Colour variations: Combinations of grey, yellow, olive, orange and green.  The colour of the stone can change depending on lighting and temperature.
  • Colour formation: The colour changing effect is due to an above average level of hydrogen impurities.


  • Colour variations: Greyish green, yellowish green, blueish green, brownish green
  • Colour formation: The green colour within diamonds is due to millions of years of exposure to naturally occurring radiation. Occasionally the green hue may be the result of hydrogen present within the stone.
  • Meaning: Believed to embody the essence of life, green diamonds promote youth, vitality and balance. Green is also the colour of faith and trust and is therefore often associated with loving and healthy relationships.


  • Colour variations: Reddish orange, yellowish orange, brownish orange
  • Colour formation: The orange colour within diamonds is a combination of structural deformities and the presence of nitrogen the pure carbon structure.
  • Meaning: Believed to inspire boldness, creativity and productivity, orange diamonds are exotic and evocative. Orange is an emotional stimulant and is often linked to energy, self-respect and success within relationships.


  • Colour variations: Violet, pinkish purple, greyish purple
  • Colour formation: The purple colour within diamonds is caused by the internal grain formation and, on occasion, the presence of hydrogen.
  • Meaning: A royal colour representing luxury and nobility, purple diamonds are thought to bring the owner a universal connection. Whilst increasing self-knowledge and spiritual awareness, purple brings guidance, inspiration, wisdom and inner strength as well as indicating a lifelong connection within relationships.


  • Colour variations: Brownish red, pinkish red, purplish red, a red diamond in its purest form is the rarest of coloured diamonds
  • Colour formation: The red colour in diamonds is caused by the process of 'plastic deformation'. This is when there is a slipping or distortion of the atomic lattice.
  • Meaning: Symbolising passion and intense love, red diamonds are thought to inspire a magic that lasts a lifetime. As well as bringing good luck, red is known to channel power, energy and self-awareness.


  • Colour variations: No flashes of colour but white or grey inclusions make them very unique
  • Colour formation: The black colour in diamonds is caused by many different graphite inclusions. Some stones have traces of nitrogen and hydrogen which can affect their colour.  It is also believed that some black diamonds actually fell to earth as meteorites.
  • Meaning: Symbolising strength and inner power, black diamonds are thought to bring the wearer the ability to face any adversities. In ancient Italy the black diamond was believed to be the stone of reconciliation as the tough of the diamonds had the power to patch up all misunderstandings. Today it is worn to signify believe in a relationship and the ability for the relationship to overcome all obstacles.


  • Colour variations: Canary yellow, brownish yellow, greenish yellow, orangey yellow
  • Colour formation: The yellow colour in diamonds is caused by nitrogen present within the stone's crystal structure. Usually, nitrogen atoms are replaced with carbon atoms which react with light to create a yellow colour.
  • Meaning: Known for increasing self-confidence, yellow diamonds boost creativity and clarity of thought and are often associated with a good decision. Yellow promotes joy, happiness and prosperity. As it is commonly linked to friendship, a yellow diamond is often given to a best friend, a one true love.


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