What Your ​Birthstone Says About You

Many of our clients love the idea of using their birthstones to create their custom made engagement ring. Associated with healing powers and positivity, birthstones are a strong, yet quirky accessory.

January - Garnet

The garnet was believed to be a stone of victory by ancient warriors. Today the stone symbolizes a light heart, sense of loyalty and long lasting affections. 

Recommended metal: Yellow gold

February - Amethyst

Strongly associated with sincerity and peace of mind, the amethyst represents power and royalty, perfect for a gemstone engagement ring. 

Recommended metal: Platinum and white gold

March - Aquamarine

The aquamarine ensures constancy and symbolizes true friendship and fidelity. Aquamarine means ‘sea stone’ and has long been thought to be a lucky stone for those who regularly travel by sea.

Recommended metal: Platinum.

April - Diamonds

The revered diamond is connected to enduring love. Believed in the past to have distinct medicinal qualities, the diamond is today a symbol of innocence and is most often used for engagement rings.

Recommended metal: All gold and platinum.

May - Emerald

Symbolising love, domestic bliss, loyalty, romance and faith, the emerald, dedicated to the goddess Venus, is associated with the reproductive forces of nature. 

Recommended metal: Platinum and yellow gold.

June - Pearls & Alexandrite




Pearls were used in the past as a cure for many diseases but are not recommended for jewellery that is worn everyday. 

Alexandrite does not have a deep-rooted history, but is believed to bring good luck and stimulate pleasure and love.

Recommended metal: Platinum.

July - Ruby

The ruby is said to bring contentment and peace. Worn on the left hand, as engagement rings are, it is thought to also provide protection. A sign of love, friendship, vitality and royalty.

Recommended metal: All gold and platinum.

August - Peridot

Exuding compassion and promoting harmonious relationships, the Peridot boasts many powerful assets. It elicits positive energy, bringing abundance and prosperity.

Recommended metal: White gold and platinum.

September - Sapphires

I love the strong association of Sapphires with the power of integrity, strength and wisdom.

Recommended metal: White gold, yellow gold and platinum.

October - Opal & Tourmaline



Love, passion, loyalty, spontaneity and the ability to express emotions are all qualities fostered by the Opal. However, opal is not a strong stone, and I wouldn’t recommend it for a gemstone engagement rings. 

Think of the bright Tourmaline and you think happy, easy-going and vibrant.

Recommended metal: All gold and platinum.

November - Topaz & Citrine




Every colour of topaz has its own meaning but the qualities of love, trust and success run through them all. 

Recommended metal: All gold and platinum.

December - Turquoise & Zircon



Turquoise is believed to protect and promote healing. 

Zircon is thought to encourage spiritual growth and promote wisdom, beauty and peace.

Revered for centuries, birthstones still hold the same respect and intrigue. Why not invest in one of your own in the guise of one of the stunning gemstone engagement rings and see what its powers can do for you?


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