Green Emeralds - The Facts & Flaws

I have had many clients enquire about using emeralds in their engagement ring. While this gemstone is indisputably beautiful, it is not necessarily the best for an engagement ring.

The Disadvantage Of Emeralds

Emeralds rate relatively low on the Mohs scale of hardness and this is a big consideration when buying a gemstone for a ring that you will wear everyday. Durability is key when considering gemstone engagement rings. 

Heart Set On An Emerald Gemstone?


Engagement rings adorned with emeralds may have always been a dream of yours and if you are willing to take the risk that comes with its more brittle nature, take note:

Do not wash your hands while wearing the ring. Soap weakens the stone’s natural fissures that create the internal and external inclusions.

Emeralds are prone to cracking with everyday use.


For my emerald loving clients, I suggest choosing an emerald for another piece of jewellery, other than an engagement ring. Wearing an emerald less frequently than you would a diamond will protect it and guarantee you more years of pleasure from your jewellery piece.

Choosing An Emerald

Colour is most important here. I would always advise to choose a vivid emerald that has life and richness. Keep away from flat, dull ones as the impact of it’s beauty is not as great.

Is There An Emerald Alternative?

Of course, if you love the idea of emerald green but are put off by its lack of durability there is an alternative - a tsavorite.

Found in the Kenyan mountains, tsavorite has a similar colour to emerald and is a very strong gemstone.

Engagement rings with the incredible tsavorite set on its shoulders surrounding a central diamond looks simply stunning. It looks equally good set in a halo style.


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