Sapphires: The Most Suitable Gem For Engagement Rings

Blue Sapphire

These stunning gemstones are the most suitable for engagement rings, in terms of price, availability and also aesthetics if you are looking for an alternative to the diamond.




Colours of Sapphires

Orange SapphireSapphires can be sourced in blue, pink and yellow and it is the trace elements of titanium, iron and nitrogen in their composition that gives them their unique colour. 

Blue is the most popular colour and there are in fact 6 blue varieties, with cornflower blue being the most valuable.

I always advise my clients to avoid dark sapphires, especially those inky purple ones. In a good sapphire you need to see the bottom facets.

The Plus Points

A great alternative to coloured diamonds, sapphire engagement rings are a fabulous choice. 

Light coloured sapphires can even look like diamonds.

Grey and white sapphire

I often steer clients with a limited price point to think about sapphire engagement rings. For a great impact at a lower price, sapphires are the stone of choice. A 1-carat sapphire can cost around £1000 ($1500), whereas the same size diamond can cost £3000-£4000 ($5000-$6000).

Sapphires belong to the corundum family and rate at 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them the second hardest gemstone after diamonds.


Any Negatives?

Many clients are unaware that sapphires are usually treated and processed in a lab. This should just be assumed but in my opinion it really isn’t an issue when you consider the beauty of the colour range. Of course untreated sapphires exist, but they are usually more expensive.

Cut & Style?

For me, sapphire engagement rings should be cut in a cushion, oval or round, although a pear cut can work too. In my opinion, I think an oval cut sapphire is the most impressive.

I recognise that many stones can look beautiful set on their own, but I strongly believe that a sapphire looks it’s best contrasted with diamonds - this gemstone flourishes in company.

Three stone styles work well with diamond and sapphire engagement rings, especially when set into a white gold or platinum. White gold or platinum is best to maximise the impact of the sapphire.

Take Away Pointers

A fabulous alternative to a diamond, a sapphire has huge aesthetic appeal and is suited to all price points. Get in touch to see how sapphires can be beautifully incorporated into all kinds of ring designs.


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