Get To Know Your Rubies

Considering a ruby engagement ring? These stunning gemstones have imperfections and flaws that only add to their natural allure.

In essence rubies are red sapphires. They are one of the most sought after gems in the world and one of the oldest known to us. Often associated with love due to its deep red and pink hues, a ruby engagement ring is perfect for the romantics.

Ruby Facts

Available in a pinkish red or a deeper red colour, these stones are stunning in all shades. Accent rubies are pinkish and the bigger the ruby the greater the colour saturation.

Rubies are a good choice of gemstone as they are very hard due to the corundum content. Inclusions are part of their make-up and large stones, above 3 carats in weight, without inclusions are very rare.

Extremely fine silk included rubies are actually rather desirable because of the star shape created by the inclusions.

Colour, Cut and Style

Ruby gemstonesI always judge a quality ruby by its blood red colour, its clarity and its transparency. Colour is my main priority and I look for intensity, depth, and richness. Clients interested in rubies should be aware that they need to be more flexible with size, style and cut due to the rarity of rubies with no imperfections.  For me, round or cushion cuts are the best option for a ruby ring as they are symmetrical and scratch-free. These cuts make for the best light refraction too.

Best Metal For Rubies

White gold is sometimes used to set rubies but I personally recommend using yellow or rose gold, as these two precious metals have the warmer tones that work best with ruby red.

And The Cost…

Bespoke ruby trilogy engagement ring

Rubies vary greatly in cost because of the many different grades of faceting rubies.

The better quality a ruby, the more facets are cut to bring out the best possible colour in the gemstone.

Price per carat varies widely because of the colour, and you can expect to pay between £600 and £6000 ($1000 - $10000) for a ruby.



Take Away Pointers

Rubies are a versatile stone with a huge aesthetic appeal and great design flexibility. Talk to an expert before you buy, but choose wisely and you will have a fantastic stone perfect for a piece of bespoke jewellery.


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