Engraving a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Engraving a bespoke engagement ring

Couples designing a bespoke engagement ring often want to include a personal engraving. Bespoke implies one-off and unique, and what better way to demonstrate what the ring means to you than a personal engraving? 

At Rare Pink we offer the intricate machine engraving, traditional hand-engraving or the more technical laser engraving. Read on to see the benefits of each.

Hand Engraving

You can’t beat the age-old technique of hand engraving, and my engravers use this method to create a longer lasting, deeper engraving. 

Gold is the perfect metal for hand engraving as it is soft allowing the engraving to be made deep into the metal so that it remains even as the layers of gold wear away over time.

I love the fact that hand engraving is highly skilled. It reflects the whole process of creating bespoke engagement rings, which are a labour of love.

Some of our engravers have over 40 years experience. Working from long-established  workshops, they use the time-honoured techniques of their craft to painstakingly perfect intricate engravings. 

I have even had commissions requiring letters smaller than 1.5 mm, and although these can take up to a week, my engravers make it worth the wait.

Machine Engraving

We only use this type of engraving when the detail required is so fine that no hand is able to engrave a  custom engagement ring quite like a precision laser or diamond tip can. Flat surfaces are needed here. Patterns are engraved with a diamond tip and are shallow, almost like scratches.

When engraving any bespoke designed engagement rings with a note on the inside of the band  we prefer to use hand-engraving, which is described below.

Laser Engraving

We are in the technological age after all and the benefits of laser engraving can’t be ignored. It can be quicker than hand engraving and the details clearer and deeper. 

Used for complex patterns by big design houses, this work is difficult and still takes time. 

My Simple Summary

Engraving is a personal choice, but can be a wonderful addition to bespoke engagement rings. Talk to me during the design stage and we can discuss quality and engraving options. All Rare Pink custom engagement rings come with a complimentary engraving.


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