How to Design Your Custom Engagement Ring

There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating something completely unique. Designing your own engagement ring with Rare Pink gives you the opportunity to play a part in creating an engagement ring that is full of meaning and carries far more sentiment than an off-the-shelf ring ever can. 

This design stage is crucial in any art project, and after having met many lovely couples I have discovered that there is nothing more exciting than making their engagement ring dreams come true.

Design Ideas

Bespoke engagement rings sketches at Rare Pink

So, either as an individual or a couple, you come to me looking for that perfect ring. You may have no idea what you want or perhaps you have a detailed design all ready to go. Maybe you have a family heirloom you want to incorporate? Or a special symbol you’d like to use as a starting point? Or perhaps there’s something in your love story that you want to convey in your engagement ring?The more information I have the better.

Obviously we do not expect everyone to know exactly what they want or how to translate what they want into a ring. That’s where I come in - once I understand where you are coming from then I can help develop your idea or propose some suggestions as a starting point. I am an expert at interpreting ideas, and I often propose my own once I understand more about where you are coming from.

The Tech Specs

The lady’s lifestyle and her personality are ‘need-to-know’ points for me and I always take note of skin tone and style so that I can tailor the design to suit the bride-to-be.

These questions are key to creating the perfect bespoke design, not just in terms of style but practicality as well. 

Custom rings are an investment, intended to be lasting heirlooms treasured for years to come, and should be designed as such. The technical elements of these rings require careful consideration, and this is where my expertise comes in.

Price Points

I will offer you a quote, which I’ll ask you to approve as a sign of commitment to the project before I can begin my sketches and source the diamond, both of which happen simultaneously. Bespoke engagement rings start from £2,000 ($2,500 USD) and our classic rings collection starts from £700.

The 3D Design

 Bespoke engagement ring CAD designIn 24 hours, using the latest in cutting edge design technology a computer-aided design (CAD) will be created in 3D for you to see. Now we can see the ring from all angles and it is easy for me to make any necessary alterations. This is the magical stage at which the ring first becomes a reality, allowing you to really visualise the ring for the first time.


Try Before You Buy

I am always pleased to be able to reassure my clients that their fiancée will be able to try an exact replica of the engagement ring before you make the purchase. This is a unique advantage to working with us at Rare Pink.


Custom engagement rings are accessible to all, and can match a range of price points. You will be involved in every aspect of your ring’s creation, allowing you to take ownership of the design, and create something individual and special, whilst being carefully guided by me, your personal design consultant.


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