The Master Craftsman: The Goldsmith

Goldsmith making a bespoke engagement ring

Goldsmiths are an integral part of producing our unique engagement rings. I simply could not do my job without our top goldsmiths who bring our designs to life. 

These expert craftspeople are responsible for the soldering of our rings and the mounting of the stones. They are meticulous, talented and professional, and I work with the very best, based in London and New York.

Mounting the Ring

Uniquely designed engagement rings can be made from many parts, but normally two or three.

I have worked on designs that have required being cast in eight pieces because of their complexity. More details require more parts so that each crevice can be polished before assembly. 

I trust my goldsmiths and often consult with them prior to casting a ring as they have decades of experience and thousands of rings have gone through their hands. The more complex a design, the more time and patience needed. 

During casting, the heat causes the metal to expand, so the goldsmith fine-tunes the ring afterwards so that it meets the perfect specifications.

Afterwards a minor polish, known as ‘cleaning up’ is done.



This is the time-consuming part and requires hours of concentration. Intricate and detailed designs take longer.

Small stones are set individually with channel and pave settings. This is a highly skilled technique that requires many years of perfecting and practice.

The prize stone is left until last. The main diamond or gemstone is the easiest to set and takes least time. Then, of course, a professional polish is all that is needed before the ring is ready. My clients always receive a little hidden treasure for their engagement rings: a small pink sapphire and, upon request, a pink diamond set on the shank of the ring to give another unique touch to your engagement ring.

In Summary

Goldsmiths are worth their weight in gold and as I only work with the best and most experienced, you can trust that your ring is in safe hands. Quality, value for money and excellent service equal the best ring commissioning experience.


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