Your Very Own "Rare Pink" Sapphire

At Rare Pink, we want your ring to be not only of the highest quality and beauty, we also want to create a sentimental piece that is incredibly meaningful to both you and your partner. Moreover, we want you to feel exceedingly proud that it is a Rare Pink creation.

It is for this reason, each ring is set with a rare pink sapphire on the inside of the band. 

A beautiful pink sapphire set inside of the band
A stunning pink diamond set inside the band of this bespoke engagement ring.


Think of the pink sapphire as a little secret between you and your partner - a celebration of your love which is known only to the both of you.

You also have the option of not setting any gemstones inside the band if you prefer.

This is our gift to you for choosing Rare Pink to help honour one of the most memorable and extraordinary times in your life. Rare Pink is about celebrating rare moments and we want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of yours.


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