Caring For Platinum & Gold

Now that you have your perfect ring, some care is require for the diamond, gemstone and metal. I would personally recommend regularly cleaning platinum and gold engagement rings for them to remain glamorous for years to come. Here are my tips.

General Rules

No delicate piece of jewellery tolerates harsh environments or chemicals so take off your ring when doing housework or working in such a situation. For instance, soap can leave a dull film on white gold, so it is best to remove or cover your rings when using soap.

Put your jewellery somewhere safe. Many jewellers say that one of the safest places to keep your ring is on your finger, not on the window sill or on top of the mantelpiece.

When not being shown off, store it away from other jewellery in a soft cloth bag to protect it from in inadvertent scratching. This is particularly necessary for yellow gold. A great alternative is to keep your Rare Pink ring box and use it to keep your ring safe.

Yellow Gold & Rose Gold

These metals may appear strong but can scratch if not cared for properly. 

If your gold or rose gold ring has lost its shine, I would advise you to wash it with warm water, washing up liquid and a soft toothbrush. The washing up liquid will remove natural oil residue from the surface of the metal. 

Rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth. Make sure the ring is dry before you wear it again.

White Gold

Our white gold is coated in rhodium which gives it a unique sheen, polish and elegance. This is what needs the attention as rhodium suffers from wear and tear. Clients often come to me concerned by a yellow tinge on the ring shank, the part of the band in contact with the finger. I recommend the inexpensive process of re-coating every year to 18 months. 


Platinum can scratch although professional polishing brings it up as good as new.

I always suggest cleaning platinum with a mild soapy water solution and rubbing it with a soft cloth. Jewellery cleaning solutions are available on the market but homemade solutions do this job just as well.

A platinum ring left to its own devices will develop a patina finish, something many people love, almost a vintage touch.

Platinum and gold engagement rings need your love and care, like most precious things in life. Take care of them and they will reward you with lasting looks and they will be an investment to treasure.


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