Platinum Engagement Rings - Quality, Rarity & Durability

When you think of platinum engagement rings, you relate them to quality, rarity, and I would even say nobility. The very reputation of this precious metal befits it and the fact that we use its name to categorise credit cards, music albums and even the 70th wedding anniversary denotes its importance.

The reason for its association with the finer things in life is simple; it is the rarest of all the precious metals and is mined at a rate of 1/10 that of gold. Despite this, platinum rings can be both affordable and an excellent choice for an engagement ring. You can browse our classic range of platinum engagement rings here.

Advantages Of Platinum

I have several clients who like the idea of platinum engagement rings but many are confused as to its real merit above a gold alternative.

Bespoke Platinum Engagement Ring

Why I Recommend Platinum

  • The cool white sheen is perfect for emphasizing the stunning sparkle and the brilliance of diamonds and no reflection of colour is reflected in the stone itself. 
  • It is durable, doesn’t corrode, withstands stress and is ideal for daily wear, so it retains its looks for longer. 
  • It is a metal so can scratch, but it is easy to polish and, because of its tightly packed molecules, can be buffed up to its former state in no time, losing none of its weight at all. Compare this with gold, which loses a layer every time it is polished so the advantage of platinum engagement rings is obvious.
  • Some say platinum engagement rings look better with wear and while this is a subjective opinion, I agree. Some of the best things in life get better with age, such as cheese and wine for a start! You get what you pay for with this metal.
  • The perfect metal for allergy sufferers, platinum contains no nickel and is completely hypoallergenic and inert. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Ethics of Platinum

There has been much controversy about the ethical mining of platinum but at Rare Pink we can guarantee you that we only work with ethically sourced precious metals when creating your engagement ring. 

What Is The Catch?

As a heavier and rarer metal, you may pay more for a platinum engagement ring, but prices are competitive and the advantages are clear. Careful and clever design keeps prices within your budget.


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