Learn About Rose Gold Engagement Rings 

Did you know that all gold is actually yellow? In its purest form gold is very yellow and too soft for jewellery purposes, so it is absolutely normal for it to be mixed with other metals. When I use the terms rose and pink gold, I am referring to the alloys, such as copper and silver, mixed with gold to alter its colour. 

It is simple: the addition of more copper to the gold makes the metal appear pinker. This means decreasing the silver content, but all the great jewellery designers making rose gold rings do it and with fantastic results. You can browse our range of stunning rose gold engagement rings here.

Rose Or Pink Gold?

Rose gold engagement ring

I am forever being asked this question, and I can honestly say that it is all in the name. The term ‘rose gold’ denotes soft romantic tones and is a good marketing ploy, but the terms are interchangeable. ‘Red gold’ is sometimes used to denote a deeper colour but all three are essentially the same. 

What About The Carat?

All 18-carat gold is alloyed with another metal to produce rose, yellow or white gold so the quantity of gold stays the same. 18-carat gives you a purer blend, at 75% pure gold but the 14 carat pieces offer a pinker hue, which can be appealing if colour is your priority. Finding the perfect pink for rose gold engagement is a matter of taste and preference as different hues will appeal to different people. 

This metal looks fabulous with gemstones such as garnet, citrine and topaz, and of course the classic diamond looks amazing too. Rose gold engagement rings also match other white or yellow gold jewellery, making it even more appealing.

Rose Gold Summed Up

Rose gold engagement rings are a great off beat choice and I fully encourage anyone with a yearning for something a little different to consider them. The flattering warm tones look perfect with all skin tones and make a real statement. 

I finish by saying that if you choose a good designer, rose gold rings are great value for money and will look great too.


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