Yellow Gold - Timeless Luxury 

Yellow gold is often associated with luxury and grandeur. This metal has stood the test of time and is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures around the world. Its durability makes yellow gold ideal for engagement rings and everyday wear, as well as adding a splash of colour to your ring.

What Is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold engagement ring

Yellow gold is the purest of the gold metals, as when it is mined, the mineral colour is golden yellow in colour. Although gold is naturally yellow, yellow gold used in jewellery is not pure. For jewellers to be able to work with it, it is alloyed with silver and copper to increase its durability, as pure yellow gold would be too soft. The higher the carat weight, the purer the gold so usually 14ct or 18ct yellow gold are ideal to use for engagement rings. 

Benefits of Yellow Gold

Gold doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode and its beauty lasts. It needs no re-coating and the zinc and copper alloys rarely cause allergic reactions.

As yellow gold is softer than white gold and platinum, it makes the ideal metal for more intricate and detailed engagement ring designs. 

Yellow gold is ideal for warm skin tones, as olive and dark skin beautifully shows of yellow golds deep colour. 

This metal is ideal for yellow and brown fancy coloured diamonds, as well as emeralds and rubies. If you are buying a white diamond to set on the yellow gold band then you can have greater flexibility in your choice of stone. The yellow gold helps to mask the lower coloured diamonds (H-J). This is an ideal combination for those who want to compromise on colour to get a bigger diamond.

Caring For Yellow Gold

Yellow gold needs regular polishing to retain its shine, to keep it looking as good as new. A well designed yellow gold engagement ring should always be thick enough to withstand a lifetime of polishing and because yellow gold is softer than white gold and platinum, it is more prone to scratching.


A true favourite of mine, yellow gold engagement rings are classically beautiful and an excellent investment too. I love designing using this gold, and the real beauty is that yellow gold can be accommodated to suit all budgets.


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