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You've decided to pop the question, to propose to the love of your life and take the first step to spending the rest of your life together. We have some tips that will help you find out your partner's ring size without them knowing.

40% of rings need resizing

We get it. Never has getting the right size been so important. Around 40% of rings end up being resized, so as long as you can get a rough estimate by following these basic ring size guidelines, you'll get a pretty close idea.

Of course, you could just ask her, or get a professional to take a proper measurement if you're not one for mystique and secrecy, but if you'd rather it be a surprise, we have some advice on how you can find her ring size without her getting wise.

And because so many rings need to be resized, we offer a complimentary first re-size after the proposal to make sure your ring is a perfect fit.

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The basics

The ring finger is always on the left hand, right next to your little finger.

The average women's ring size is L½

Guessing your partner's ring size correctly can be achieved with a little common sense.

If your partner is short and petite, perhaps around 5'2 (157cm) it's probably safe to assume her fingers are smaller and more slender, so start around a J (US size 5¼).

If she is closer to 5'6" (167.5cm), chances are she has the average finger size of L½ (US size 6).

If she's taller than average or a slightly heavier build, her weight will be naturally distributed across the whole body, so you should be looking at around a ring size N (US size 7).


As long as you can get within two to three sizes of her actual ring size, you can always get it resized, although, a more drastic, like a P to a K, will have necessary costs involved.

Ring size chart

Ask her family and friends for help

Most of the time, you can save yourself a whole lot of trouble and ask the question to her nearest and dearest.

Remember, it's not advised you go around asking everyone, keep your line of enquiry short and have it include only those who will keep it secret. One of her friends may even be able to suggest going ring shopping for fun, and will be able to report back with her ring size.

Back to the drawing board

Her best friend doesn't know, her sister hasn't got a clue and her parents are holidaying in the Maldives, so you're back to square one. Don't fret! There are few other, slightly more challenging, ways around the problem.

If they already wear ring on their ring finger you're in luck

I won't question how you got this far without realising this, but if it's correct you've struck gold (or platinum, or whatever your engagement ring preference).

If you can get the ring off her finger, you can either place it on a piece of paper and draw around the inside, or imprint it on a sheet of blu-tac and bring it to your consultation with you.

One thing to note, the wider the ring is the more likely the ring size won't be accurate. Engagement rings average 2mm in width.

If they wear rings on other fingers, chances are it won't be the size you want. There can be a whole size difference between fingers, so don't take the risk.


If the ring does need to be resized by just a couple of sizes, the process is simple. It is done by making a small incision in the band and extending or shortening as required. Once we're done, the incision is soldered, finished and polished seamlessly, so there's no indication it has been resized.

Now it's your turn to guess the ring size of these well known stars...

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Creator: Jassim Msahri-http://bit.ly/1XMG4xb
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5.Serena Williams
Creator: Marianne Bevis-http://bit.ly/1oCrkop
Creator: Alexis-http://bit.ly/1oYbyVA
7.Rebel Wilson
Creator: Eva Rinaldi-http://bit.ly/1QrCqr8
8.Jennifer Lawrence
Creator: Jennifer Lawrence Films-http://bit.ly/1Y0M05S
9.Kim Kardashian
Creator: Eva Rinaldi-http://bit.ly/1nhNxar

And if you still get it wrong we're here to help

The best way to get a perfect fit is always to seek help of a professional, but if you're a hopeless romantic and absolutely want that moment to be a surprise, the methods above should get you as close as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 0203 126 4915.

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